Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adopt Me!

When the weather is nice we take our dogs to 'doggie socialization' on Saturday mornings at the Bay Area Pet Adoptions shelter. They have a giant fenced-in field behind the shelter where everyone gathers and the dogs run around for an hour. Let me tell you, the dogs LOVE it and are completely pooped for the rest of the day. Jason Vasconi, our trainer, runs the event and is an amazing moderator. There are volunteers that come to socialization and take dogs out of the shelter so they can have play time too. Christine and I did the training for this volunteer opportunity in case we ever had visitors that could hold our dogs while we got out shelter dogs. Recently Georgie, the volunteer coordinator, asked me to make dog scarves for some dogs that were being taken to an event in hopes that they would be adopted. In order to draw attention to them and designated them from other dogs at the event, I made these "Adopt Me" scarves from handkerchiefs and iron-on letters:

They're really easy to make. I just folded the handkerchief in half and then rolled it from the folded edge until it fit on my dog (about 3 rolls 2 inches thick). I sewed the top edge and the bottom edge of the fold but not the sides. This way the ends of the fold can be cut off and a dog collar can be slipped through the fold instead of tying the scarf around the dog's neck. I prefer this but sometimes the shelter doesn't have enough collars so I left the ends of the fold on the scarf for the tying option. I then ironed on the letters and voila:

My handsome models didn't want to sit still today!

If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat and are in the Kemah/Houston/Galveston, TX area you should definitely add this shelter to your shopping list! The cost is $140 for dogs and $100 (limited time price) for cats and this includes the cost of spaying/neutering, vaccinating, and microchipping the animal, really a great deal! Check them out here: BAPA

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