Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmastime at Home

I was lucky enough to take a really long break at home in Maryland this year for Christmas. I got to see almost everyone I had been missing, albeit for not nearly long enough. Thanks to everyone for making time to see me!
First up was a Christmas Eve rondevous with the Devines to meet Kelli's baby, Gregory. I, of course, did not remember to get a pic of him before he went to sleep, but here is his mama and I:

Christmas day with all the Bourne cousins:

Christmas day with the fam:

Christmas day with Grandpa and Grandma:

Then, I was able to drive up to NJ to see Christine, Ben, Abby, the Noodle, and all the Furgiones! Here is Abby, Teeners and I having fun with my new iPhone camera:

 Favorite niece!
 My Noodle!

Extra bonus: Kait was in AC with her fam so we went over to have some lunch with her, Chris, and Camden (due March, yay!):

All of us ladies in Atlantic City after lunch:

After NJ, I was able to make a trip into the city to see my fave lifeguards, but I haven't seen any pics from Miss Grace, so I'll have to add to this post soon! So happy to see everyone for the holidays, miss you all already!

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