Monday, August 13, 2012

July 2012: Birchbox, My Glam Bag, BarkBox, Foodzie Box, Must Have Bag, Julep Box Reviews

Eeks! I haven't written in awhile! To make up for my absence I'm going to fill you in on all the subscription boxes I received in July of 2012. It was a lot. Probably not going to make a repeat in August, but I'll let you know what I thought of all my goodies! Ok to start, I'll show you my regulars that I will definitely be keeping up with:

Birchbox $10/month
(I have a year subscription at this point)
July was a Glamour curated box based on the 5 senses. I received goodies that I could see, taste, hear, smell, and touch. My favorite item: Boscia BB cream because I've been dying to try out the BB cream craze! It's a little more makeup coverage than I'm used to, but maybe perfect for a wedding! Least favorite: Minteas because they taste like the worst breath mint you've ever tasted. I would never want my breath to smell like how they taste and I can't even get through one mint they taste so awful.

My Glam Bag $10/month
This month's bag was a huge win for me. I loved 3 items and liked the remaining 2 items. Favorite has to be: Hydro Punch hair conditioner, seriously my hair was like silk! Least favorite: the white nail polish only because I already have white nail polish.

Foodzie Box $29.99/month (this has been discontinued as of July)
I had planned on quitting this subscription after June, but then I found out that the Foodzie company had been bought by Joyus and that they were discontinuing their service after July, so I had to get the last one! And it turned out to be a pretty good one too. I bought 2 of the items from this box. favorite item: Chukar Cherry Medley- they're like candy but simply dried cherries. I can actually taste the difference between the three cherry varieties and they complement each other well! Least favorite: the Halfpops popcorn- it's literally popcorn that is only half popped, who even wants that?

Barkbox $19/month with the 3-month subscription and discount code (you get $5 off if you click the link)
This is for your pup! I decided to spoil Baloo (more) since I hadn't really done much for his birthday this year. I also got one for his Noodle brother! You can designate if you have a big or small dog, but that's about all the personalization this one has. Baloo loved all of the edible things, of course, but the giant steak toy scares him because the squeaker is so loud haha! favorite item: Yumzies treats because there is no gluten filler and they're lasting a long time. Least favorite item: flavored bubbles, so weird.

Julep Box $.01 seriously use MAVENINTRO or PENNY ($20 after first month)
I got this box for obvious reasons, but I will not be continuing it since I don't think it will be living up to the value I like to see from my boxes. I got 2 small nail polishes, a toe separator, and a foot cream. I never use the foot cream and I already had similar colors of nail polish in my collection.

Must Have Bag from Pop Sugar $35/ month (ouch)
This bag was described as being filled with the editors (from Pop Sugar) favorites. I was intrigued to find out favorite what exactly. Turns out a variety of things: food, beauty products, bags. I think I'll buy the 3 month subscription ($95) to get the price down a tiny bit and see how it goes. Favorite item: RGB nail polishes, lovely colors for year round! Least favorite item: lip stick, I don't really wear it. I have to note that the Kind bars were really good as well!

Anywho that was my month of subscription boxes! For those of you keeping track at home, I plan on continuing with Birchbox, My Glam Bag, Barkbox, and Must Have Bag. I'll keep you updated on those goodies in case you're interested in trying them!


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