Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chuao Chocolate

I consider myself to be somewhat of a connoisseur of chocolate, and by that I mean I eat a lot of chocolate. I have my favorite cocoas for baking with and my favorite melting chocolate and chocolate chips for different applications. But I think I may have found my new favorite chocolate bar for straight up eating: the Chuao Chocolate Firecracker bar. My former favorite was the Wonka bar made of milk chocolate and graham cracker chunks, which may seem strange but I love those suckers. This one has pop rocks, chipotle, and sea salt in dark chocolate. So yummy and exciting! Get you some!

This is the Signature Box, all of which are super yummy!

*I am not being paid to say this. I in fact paid quite a good deal for these yummies, but they're worth it!

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