Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Sweet Intent Confectionary

A few weekends ago I went to the Kemah Crawfish Festival with some peeps. There were lots of vendors and, of course, a ton of crawfish. Let me just tell you that the crawfish was terrible and not worth the money I paid to park, enter, and buy the crawfish. The mud bugs tasted literally like mud and had zero seasoning. I highly recommend staying away from this event in the future. However, I did run across a cupcake vendor at the event that wasn't bad. A Sweet Intent Confectionery was selling their wares at the festival and I decided to try a creamsicle cake pop. The cake pop was orange creamsicle coating with chocolate cake. I wasn't really expecting the chocolate cake since creamsicle means vanilla to me, but it wasn't bad. I know a lot of people like that chocolate and orange flavor combo, so it probably is a good seller. This place is only special order for now, but you can check them out at their Facebook page and maybe catch them at their next event!



  1. Hi Jaclyn!
    Thank you for trying our Chocolate Dreamsicle Cake Pop at the Kemah Crawfish Festival! You are the very first person to blog about us and we appreciate your support! So far business has been steadily increasing. We hope to have a store by the end of year. Keeping our fingers crossed! :)
    Take Care,
    A Sweet Intent

  2. Hi Jaclyn!
    Just checked your FB page and Ten and Ten Etsy Store. Your products are so adorable. It made me wish my boys were younger! :) I will be sure to forward your info to my "new mommy" friends.
    Take Care!

  3. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your storefront :)