Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Soccer Tournament in San Antonio

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! This past weekend was the Cinco de Mayo Soccer Tournament put on by SASA. I played with my Friday night coed team (the Comrades) and it was lots of fun! We went to Chuy's on Friday night as a bit of a team dinner once everyone had made it into town. Then Saturday was bracket play starting with our first game against a fellow Houston team. We ended up winning 1 game and getting 2 ties on Saturday to advance to the playoffs on Sunday. Unfortunately, due to a combo of very few subs, a redic first day schedule, and probably a bit of out of shape-ness we ended up losing our Sunday game and getting 3rd in the tournament. All in all it was a great time, good to see some different teams for once and get some really great competition. Here are some pictures from the weekend compliments of Gina (I was far too tired, sweaty, and preoccupied to properly operate a camera):

The serious level pain I experienced on Monday tells me I am no longer in excellent tournament shape, but I did survive the weekend so it's a win in my book :)

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