Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Recently a Sprinkles Cupcakes opened in Houston and I finally made it into the city to give them a try this past weekend. I waited in a bit of a line because the actual shop is teeny tiny.

Once my turn was up I ordered key lime, chocolate marshmallow, peanut butter chocolate, and red velvet.

I also ordered a doggie cupcake for Baloo. Generally when I try cupcakes I am comparing them to my own recipes and deciding if they're worth paying for in comparison to my homemade version. Here I was also comparing them to my Houston favorite, Crave Cupcakes which was only a few miles away from the Sprinkles location. My first cupcake was the peanut butter chocolate.

This is easily one of my favorite flavor combos so I was excited to try this one first. It definitely didn't disappoint. Peanut butter tends to make everything really dry, but the peanut butter cake was amazingly moist and the chocolate chips were well distributed. The milk chocolate icing was just enough more chocolate to make the cupcake perfect. I could have done without the chocolate sprinkles, but the place is called Sprinkles so I guess they're a necessity.

Later that day and the following day I proceeded to eat the 3 remaining cupcakes. They were a slight disappointment after the amazingness of the peanut butter chocolate. The key lime was lacking flavor, the red velvet was a bit dry, and the chocolate marshmallow was essentially a hostess cake. Baloo did enjoy his doggie cupcake from what I could tell (he inhaled it).

Over all I would give them a 7 mostly because they offered doggie cupcakes and everyone knows I'm a sucker for spoiling my dog and because the peanut butter chocolate was so amazing.

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