Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day

Whoopsies, I took a rather large break from blogging during my move. Now that things have settled down a bit, I am happy to report that all of my things (and Christine's) are in the new apartment. Minor setbacks: DirecTV claims my apartment faces the wrong way for their service even though my near neighbors have dishes; didn't have a microwave or stove top for the first weekend because the apartment peeps forgot to finish setting up my apartment; no Internet. Luckily, after moving in, we had loads of fun for Memorial Day weekend. Our friend Brian had a Memorial Day/ Mike's Going Away/ Danny and RV's Birthday Crawfish Boil. It was quite the celebration. Christine bought balloons for all the events and Brian made sure his house was red, white, and blue ready. I made dark chocolate cream cheese cupcakes (at Mike's request) and Oreo chunk chocolate chip cookies and enjoyed lots of crawfish! Here are some photos from our weekend:

And I'd like to say thanks to all in the military who are working hard to protect this country, yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Happy (belated) Memorial Day everyone!

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