Monday, June 21, 2010


Thanks to everyone for birthday wishes and celebrating with me this weekend! I had a great time and was happy to hear from/see friends that I haven't heard from/seen in awhile. Major thanks to Christine, of course, for spoiling me as always with lots of ice cream cake and peanut butter M&Ms :) On Friday we went to the Astros vs Texans game using the All You Can Eat promotion. Our tickets were in the Mezzanine section and included all you can eat hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, and coca-cola products. Even though the Astros lost, Hunter Pence did make it interesting in the final innings with some good hits. (Yankees beat the Mets that night, Happy Birthday to me!!!) Here's the group on Friday night:

And fireworks, woohoo!

And some goofy pics after the game:

On Saturday I had soccer (blazing hot 1030-1200 soccer). We lost but we had already made playoffs so I'm not too terribly upset. Chances are we will see the Scrubs again in playoffs or definitely next season. I then napped out from exhaustion. We went to Sushi Coast for dinner where we made such a huge scene singing happy birthday that the owner gave us 2 free desserts. I picked the Peanut Butter Mona Lisa and the Tempura Fried Oreos (calories don't count on your birthday right?). They were delicious!!! I prefer the peanut butter but both were delicious especially mixed with the Carvel ice cream cake Christine got me. We ended the night at Brixx on Washington Ave and lots of shots. Thanks all for celebrating! Here I am blowing out my cake and apparently praying while I make my 25th birthday wish:

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