Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Georgetown Cupcakes

After the graduation we went to Bethesda and visited Georgetown Cupcakes as well as some other stores before having some celebratory dinner. I’ve been dying to try these cupcakes after they were written up in Real Simple magazine and I heard that the 2 sisters that started the store are getting their own show. I looked into shipping them but the shipping cost was almost equal to the cost of a dozen cupcakes. Here is our dozen (everyone picked 3):

I personally tried the chocolate lava(top left corner), peanut butter chip(bottom left corner), and red velvet(bottom right corner). The chocolate lava was beyond amazing with chocolate cake surrounding a chocolate syrup center and vanilla buttercream icing topped with more chocolate swirl. The peanut butter chip was also really good but I had to lose about half the icing in order to eat it. The red velvet, I must say, was somewhat dry but the icing was delicious. My sister raved about her lemon blossom (the missing cupcake in the picture) and my Mom really liked the chocolate hazelnut(second from the left on the bottom). I’m sure my Dad loved them all. Check em out!

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  1. I just had my first Georgetown cupcake last weekend, the peanut butter chocolate one, and it was soooooooo delish!!!