Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun-filled Weekend

Super fun weekend! Started off on Friday with an Astros game and Friday night fireworks. The Astros lost (not surprising) to the Padres, but we won big with discount tickets and an awesome fireworks show. Side note: Yankees beat the Red Sox 10-3 Friday ;) Here are some pics from the evening:

Saturday was a win versus Hello Kitty in Gilruth soccer, followed by baking margarita cupcakes for the Todd's birthday celebration (recipe soon to follow). Lots of people gathered at the Flying Saucer for Todd's 10th anniversary of his 21st birthday. I haven't been to the saucer since July!! So happy to be back. I Had a delicious Dogfish Head Burton Baton added to my beer list. Then I headed back out to Clear Lake for some Spazmatics!! I haven't seen them in forever as well so that was loads of fun. Here are some pics from that gathering:

Wished my wonderful Mom a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday. Hope everyone had a great weekend! And now back to work :(

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