Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Auburn Themed Baby Shower Gift Set

So, a friend of mine asked me to make him a baby shower gift for some close friends of his that were due in March. They weren't finding out the sex of the baby so we needed to find a different approach to color than pink or blue. Since both my friend and the couple having the baby attended Auburn University for their undergrad degrees, I figured this would be an awesome theme for the gift set. Little did I know that the yarn world is predispositioned to hate pastel orange colored yarn. I have bought 4 different yarns to finally achieve the orange I wanted in a skein of yarn large enough for a blanket. First I ordered my favorite baby blanket yarn, the Cotton Clouds Softball .75 worsted 1 lb cone in pale orange yellow. This yarn was too yellow and I got stuck with it since it was apparently a special order (lesson: buy the color card even if it's $9!). The next yarn I ordered was the same yarn only in a cantaloupe color recommended by the super nice ladies at Cotton Cloud. Unfortunately the distributor had discontinued this color and forgotten to tell them, huge bummer. My third attempt was the Peaches N Cream cotton yarn in the color shrimp. I decided after knitting about a foot of the blanket that this color was practically neon orange next to the pale blue so I needed to find something lighter. I went to JoAnn's and found a Pound of Love in a peach color and went to town with that. Here are some pictures of the finally underway blanket under construction.


'Wrong side' that I actually prefer:

Close Up of the cable:

'Right side' of the blanket:

P.S. They had a girl! 8lb 2oz :)

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