Friday, January 29, 2010

Light Box

I've been working on getting better pictures for my Etsy site. Other than getting an actual baby to model my items I've come up with creating a light box. It makes the photos look more professional and clean. All you have to do is find a medium sized box. Then, cut the top flaps off or at least one of them to create the opening you will photograph from. Then, cut the centers of 3 sides of the box, creating windows for light to enter. Cover these 'windows with parchment paper or tissue paper, anything transparent. Then get a piece of poster board in white and most likely black as well. cut the poster board to fit your box and hang it from the bottom of the box i.e. the backdrop of your light box. Here is my finished product:

Hope you can start noticing a difference in my shop pictures soon (once we finally get some sun) and that this mini tutorial helps you as well!

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