Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cabled Baby Mitts

I've been working on new things to put in my store and I figured I needed some mittens. The store name is Ten and Ten... as in fingers and toes and I don't have any booties or mittens! So I am focusing on these items this month. I found a pattern that I sort of liked for mittens. I tried out the pattern during some football on Saturday and I didn't like the result. The cuff wasn't tight enough to hod the mitten on a child's arm and the decrease and bind off looked messy. On Sunday I altered the pattern a little to use smaller needles for the cuff and I used a gather instead of a bind off. I still wasn't happy with this result, but I was not giving up! On Monday I completely strayed from the pattern. I used smaller needles for the cuff, decreased all the way around instead of at 2 points, and did the bind off on the inside instead of the outside. So happy with the results! Here is a picture of the progression of my experiment with mittens:

Here is a close-up the final product:

If you want a set, check them out at my Etsy store: Mitts

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