Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Since it's almost Thanksgiving, I guess it's time for a Halloween synopsis. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I have, however, been slacking in the costume department in recent years. This year my friends Skyler and CB were hosting a Day of the Dead Halloween party so I knew this was my chance to remedy that situation. I decided to go as Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin. I made my costume from a green dress, fake ivy, lots of hot glue, a red wig, and some green eye makeup for the ‘eyebrow’ effect. Here’s a terrible phone picture of the costume (I forgot to get one with my camera):

Here are some of the other peeps at the party:

Skeleton Puppies!

Robin Hood and Rapunzel:

The Day of the Dead Peeps (it was the theme of the party):

Waldo Sr.:

A Mime and Lance Armstrong's Career (he went as something dead to match the theme):

Happy Halloween everyone!

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