Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Headboard Update: Near Completion!

Who's excited?! This kid! I've got my headboard almost complete. I cut the foam and the crevice for the inner line:

I added batting to the center of the headboard to give it a bit more of a puffy look:

I cut and sewed the navy velvet upholstery fabric:

I fitted the fabric to the board and used a pneumatic staple gun to affix the fabric to the board:

So I've done everything in my original plan but it just didn't turn out as magnificent as I had hoped. I think it's because A)I'm not a professional upholsterer person (duh) B)I made the outline too far in compared to the inspiration piece and C)Picked a fabric color that was too dark to see the details of the center puffiness etc. Never fear! I have a plan to make it magnificent but different; I want to put white cording in the inner seam. Here is the idea pinned onto half the board:

Please let me know what you think and if I should also maybe add some to the edge as well. I'm heading to Joann's this weekend to get some more piping so I can try that look out as well. Can't wait for your feedback!


  1. ohh it looks great!!! i love the shape! i think it would be a good idea to do the edge in piping too. it would make it look more tailored and make the cool shape pop!

  2. now that i;m looking at the inspiration piece again...i think it might have brads in it to give the puffiness extra effect...can you zoom in on that?

  3. Linds- I posted a new pic woth edge piping let me know what you think. And I tried to source that inspiration photo when I first saw it but it links back to a magazine website so there's no way for me to find the original photo and maybe find a bigger size/ different angle. I was thinking brads, but my foam is way too thick for that so I don't know how to apply them.