Friday, August 12, 2011

Skyler and Corey Beth's Wedding

Last weekend was the Galveston wedding of my soccer homie, Skyler, and his now wife, Corey Beth. They managed to put together a fun wedding in about 2 months, craziness! All the usual Club Haven etc crowd was there and it was a really fun, albeit hotttttt, time. Here is a pictorial recap of the reception:
Club Haven guys:

Stephanie, Me, and Randi pre-sweat-a-thon:

Me, Anders, and Amy (that night Anders was in the habit of jumping in pics saying "these are my ladies")

Getting the dance floor started:

Cheers to the groom:

Me and Steph on the dance floor (note super high pony due to overheating):

This is a really bad pic but I wanted to document the back of CB's dress, which I love:

Saying goodnight to Krista and her new baby bump!:

Newly married couple headed out for the night:

Thanks for including me on your special day, best wishes Skyler and Corey Beth!

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