Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween is Here!

Ben is visiting Houston this weekend so Christine and I decided to get pumpkins and carve out some jack-o-lanterns while he was here. We selected our pumpkins from the Kroger 'pumpkin patch':

Our selections:

I found a design from Extreme Pumpkins by Tom Nardone (book found here: PUMPKINS!). I really like his cannibal jack-o-lantern, although all of his designs are pretty awesome. Since I didn't want to spend the big bucks on a giant pumpkin, I had to modify the design for a smaller scale. I found the biggest regular sized pumpkin at Kroger (Christine and I emptied all 4 cartons of pumpkins looking for 'the one') and got a mini pumpkin for the victim. Here are the results:

Happy Halloween! Now on to the costume...

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